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      About us

      Shenzhen Yingxun Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is located on Building 1 ,Zhenhua industrial Park, You magang Zone,Shiwei community,Matian subdistrict,Guangming New district,Shenzhen. It specializes in optical communications industry and the precision processing of CNC vehicle, mills and drills. And it is especially good at processing various stainless steel products (such as SUS304、SUS303 and SUS316 etc. ) Through several years' development, the company has now owned more than sixty famous brand-name digital lathes, the CNC processing center, linear cutting machine, drill press and other precision machinery processing equipment. Furthermore, advanced computer software such as Mastercam, Auto CAD, Pro/E, Ug, HL(programming software for linear cutting) is adopted to assist the design, development and production of relating products.
      The company deems its management principle as the business tenet, which is "Pursue complicated technologies, Promote precision processing, Implement human-oriented management and Share business fruits". Therefore, it attracted a group of management and technologies talent who commit themselves to precision processing and take part in company production, technologies and management. The company has now have a team of professional high and middle class management and technologies staff. They are all pragmatic, professional and experienced in the work they are engaged in. However, in order to make better use of scientific administration methods, the company constantly sends its management staff out to professional training institution for further study.
      People oriented, customers foremost and non-stop improvement are the company's quality guideline and target. Till now,the company has developed several famous middle and large customers in optical communications industry depending on excellent quality, good delivery. All of these have made it gain unanimous recognition of customers in the same line. It believes that it is the optimum cooperation partner for customers who are also engaged in optical communications and precision processing industry. Moreover, in order to facilitate further development, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 authorization officially in March, 2006 with the help of the efforts of all leaders and the staff.

      Company Slogan: We succeed because of specifics. We win because of execution.Unity, pragmatism, high efficiency, innovation.


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